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Full Ceramic Bearing of ZrO2 Material
Full ceramic bearing of ZrO2 materials has perfect properties such as high and low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance,  corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic insulation and self lubrication. Therefore, it can work in special environment in which hybrid ceramic bearing and earing steel are not applicable.

Full Ceramic Bearing of Si3N4 Material
Beside all property of ZrO2 full ceramic bearing, Si3N4 full ceramic bearing has the property such as light weight, god wearablility and high hardness. The full ceramic bearing with Si3N4 material, compared with the full ceramic bearing with ZrO2 material, is more applicable to high rotational speed and high load capacity and it can resist higher temperature than that of ZrO2. In addition, it has good high temperature strength, mechnical anti-oxidation capacity, high temperature bearing capacity and can resist corrosive gas.

Hydrofluoric acid resistant, wear-resistant SIC ceramic bearings
Compare with other types of ceramic materials, full ceramic bearing SiC material is more outstanding in these aspects: higher chemical corrosion resistance, better strength, higher hardness, higher wear resistance, low frictional properties, and suitable for the highest temperature.

99% Al2O3 Ceramic Bearings

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