Flange Bearings

Flange bearing is bearing with a flange on the outer ring simplify axial location. Flanged ball bearings are available open, shielded or sealed. Metric sized deep groove radial flanged miniature bearings can bear heavy radial loads and moderate thrust loads in both directions.

 Flange Ball Bearing
  F603 F604 F605 F606 F607 F608 F609
F6000 F6001 F6002 F623 F624 F625 F626
F627 F628 F629 MF52 MF62 MF72 MF63
MF74 MF83 MF84 MF85 MF93 MF95 MF104
MF105 MF106 MF115 MF117 F681 F682 F683
F684 F685 F686 F687 F688 F689 F6800
F6801 F6802 F6803 F6804 F6805 F693 F694
F695 F696 F697 F698 F699 F6900 F6901
F6902 F6903 F6904        

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