Grinding Workshop:Finish the processing of inner rings and outer rings and their grooves.we have totally 50 machines here in this workshop.

Bore-measuring workshop:As bore size is so important a bearing products,in order to keep high quality,we will check every inner size to get make it right.
Super finishing work shop:we do second processing to inner and outer grooves here to keep high rotation quality.
Cleaning room and semi-products room:Before super finishing and after super finishing,we will all do washing and cleaning,and semi-products(rings) will be put in that room and waiting to be sent to assmbled.
Automatic Assemble Workshop:We have 16 auto assemblying lines here and several hand-assemblying lines(for some special bearings),assembled from steel ball,rings,cages and shields.Along with assemblying work,machies will do self inspeciton including ball quantitiy inspect,shields inspect,grease inspect,rotation inspect.
Quality test room:We do a series test work after assemblying work.Size check,roundness check,noise level check,vibration check.Now over 70% of our bearings reach P6(ABEC-3),Z4,V3 group.
Packge and Storage: We will do rust prevent working by machine before packed.Accoding to bearing size,our standard package is tubes,small boxes,big boex,of course individual pack is also availbale for customer design.

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